The Childhood Trust: Bedrooms of London

  • Branding
  • Book design
  • Fundraising
  • Photography

Exposing the reality of child poverty

There are 700,000 children living in poverty in London, often in conditions that are absolutely shocking. They live in some of the poorest and richest boroughs in the UK. And for too long their voices have gone unheard and their voices unseen.

So when the Childhood Trust approached us for help, the whole team at GOOD got together to donate our creativity to the cause.

Bedrooms of London tells the story of childhood poverty through a universal space – the bedrooms children sleep, dream, wake up and grow up in.

We partnered with acclaimed photographer Katie Wilson to document over 30 bedrooms in boroughs across London.

Influencing change

The book we designed and the corresponding exhibition at the Foundling Museum will raise awareness of the issue and inspire Londoners to get help by supporting the Childhood Trust and its network of vital, grassroots charities across London.

The book is being sent to MPs and a network of the charity’s supporters to inspire them to take action. The project has already been featured in The Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Sun, Sky News and the BBC, with The Guardian calling the exhibition ‘one of the most challenging of 2019’.