Plan UK: Back a Brave Girl

  • Engagement proposition
  • Campaign toolkit
  • Fundraising & advocacy

Building on success

The ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign had surpassed Plan UK in public awareness. Our challenge was to create a compelling engagement proposition and narrative to convert awareness into belief and support for Plan International UK. In doing so we hoped to recruit thousands of new supporters to the cause.

Back a Brave Girl

We realised that bravery was a universal quality that girls everywhere had to find in the face of discrimination and violence. And so Back a Brave Girl was born. Socially-driven, it put the authentic stories of real brave girls back at the heart of Plan’s work and into the minds of their supporters. People were inspired by the girls, wanting to fight by their side and support them — by sharing and liking, campaigning and petitioning, and most importantly by donating.

Impact for women and girls

Back a Brave Girl completely reinvigorated Plan’s fundraising and advocacy. The first campaign, which amplified the voices of young campaigners in Uganda, gained 33,000 signatures and the strategy continues to drive action and engagement.