RNLI Respect the Water

  • Youth engagement
  • Social & digital

Reaching the hard-to-reach

The RNLI had a challenge. Reaching 13-15 year olds was vital to their water safety strategy. But this group are notoriously hard for traditional brands to engage with. Even when you’re trying to tell them something that could save their life. 

A deep dive

We took a deep dive into teenage culture. It told us that advertising wouldn’t work. But a real-life, daredevil vlogger experiment just might. So we took an average Joe and a lifeguard Pro, and threw them into icy water at the RNLI training pool. We showed teens the real-life effects of cold water shock, to deliver the lifesaving message – Float to Live. We bought the story to life on Insta, Snapchat and Facebook. You know, where the kids hang out.

Making a splash

The campaign made a massive splash (sorry). The 10s Instagram story version was a first for RNLI and delivered 253,918 full views, over 50% of the entire campaign. Audience reached. Message delivered. And, we hope, lives saved.